About Us

Our goals as owners of Ridgeland Tire and Auto are based on our philosophy and our core values in life.

Number one is our commitment to the Lord, which calls us to strive to treat every person equally and fairly, with care and concern, doing the very best that we can do in whatever it is we are doing. We always try to follow the golden rule, treating others as we would like to be treated, and honesty is foremost.

We use the best quality materials, and do the best possible job that can be done in any situation. This does not mean that things go perfectly every time, but we will try our best to make things right if they do not go perfectly.

We do our utmost to offer the best service that we can. We try to explain our findings and the available options. Our charges are based on the actual costs of running our business, including our investment in people, training, and equipment to afford you the best possible service. We try to be as fair as we can in this regard, but if we are not allowed to make a profit, then we will not be around to provide service to you in the future. We want people to feel good about the service we have rendered, but we will not get into a price war with other repair shops.

Our shop is kept as clean as we can possibly keep it, given that it is an automotive repair shop and predisposed to dust and grease.

Our employees are committed to our client’s welfare, or they do not work here. We explain repairs and our charges to people and, if the client approves repairs, payment and arrangements for vehicle pick-up are expected when repairs are completed. We do offer several methods of payment for our customers’ convenience, and surprises at the end of the day are unpleasant for everyone.

In short, we like people and we want to help them and make them happy. We try to do what is best for others, which in turn is best for us.