Timing Belt


We try our best to protect our cars from serious damage. With high-mileage vehicles, you may know how to prevent or repair engine or transmission failure. But it may surprise you to find out that one of the most dangerous failures in high-mileage vehicles is also the least well-known. All too often, the death of an older car is the result of a failed timing belt.

The timing belt is critical to the function of your engine. Regardless of what type of motor is present in your car, a failure in the timing belt will cause the engine to suddenly stop. This results in you needing a tow-truck to pick you and your car up!

Timing belt failure is easy to prevent. However, it may not always be easy to determine when your car needs a new one. That’s why we are here. Our certified technicians can replace failed timing belts, repair damaged one, and even help you determine when your car will need its timing belt serviced. We service both foreign and domestic models. So no matter what kind of car you have, we can help give you peace of mind knowing it’s well cared for.